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So what you desire out of a FireWire audio interface for the Mac is really a device that is very small, bus powered, gives you at the least two inputs and is fairly priced.
Enter the Apogee Duet (the Duet moniker is supposed to clue you in to how it is a dual-input interface).

What the Duet can do for you personally would be to record concurrently on two channels, perform back again what it is recording in the very same time, do this at a 24-bit/96 kHz resolution and do it all though it appears really fairly.
To appear at, the Apogee Q8 FireWire interface couldn’t be a lot more simple. When you’re nervous about what it’ll appear like sitting subsequent for your fashionable MacBook, it’s going to be mix suitable in. With its exquisite aluminum casing, the rounded edges, and virtually nothing on the device apart from a massive degree knob and level metering, it looks like one thing that might have come from Apple.
The microphone preamps are crystal-clear.
Equally as using the Apogee Ensemble, the Duet is able to combine seamlessly with Apple software like Logic, Garage Band and Last Reduce.

The Duet happens to become among the few FireWire audio interfaces on the market which have their control capabilities built-in into all of Apple’s new music manufacturing computer software.
This doesn’t imply certainly that you cannot use the Duet with non-Apple software like MOTU’s Electronic performer or Cubase. Any software program that supports core audio will probably perform just wonderful with this particular FireWire audio interface.
On the entrance panel of the Apogee Duet are the headphone jack and indicators that show regardless of whether the phantom energy is energetic.
There is a FireWire port, as well as a port to connect a breakout cable to within the back. Around the breakout cable are the combo mic line inputs, two higher impedance instrument inputs, and two unbalanced line outputs. It does appear kind of strange to have this kind of an elegantly developed unit include this kind of a rat’s nest of cables emerging in the back again. But there you have it.

So what specifically does that huge knob within the center of your the best panel in fact do?
The endlessly rotating aluminum knob will take treatment of all of the configurations that you want for. You possibly can even press down the knob to scroll through a variety of choices around the screen.
If you’d like, you can even have it run as being a MIDI controller wheel. Essentially the most significant portion of everything – the sound – is simply excellent.

Only using the highest configurations in acquire do you notice any hiss in the preamps whatsoever.
All in all, this FireWire audio interface is simply a superb item, and it should be flying off shelves. It undoubtedly deserves to.

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